As I enter my twilight years as a Creative Crone I’m on a mission to inspire women everywhere to reconnect with their wild soul and intuition through the medium of creativity. While attempting to unravel some of the umbilical threads which connect us to the sacred, I hope to uncover the hidden world which lies just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. Nature as Goddess has become the main focus of my work and I am keen to help save our mother planet from impending destruction by sharing appreciation, gratitude and love.

My top half is Swiss and my bottom half comes from Norfolk but I currently live in the middle of a field close to the tip of the Llyn peninsula surrounded in three directions by the Irish sea, by the mountains of Snowdonia to the Northeast, and overhead by a vast expanse of ever changing sky. Earth's magic is very present here. My own artistic adventure is an ongoing exploration of birth, life, death and transformation by way of mythology and imagination. I am driven by curiosity and I consider myself an avid anti-specialist! I love experimenting with a variety of different media and feel that learning new techniques enhances my creative journey. I am passionate about women’s issues and I am proud to call myself a feminist. I feel that creativity has huge untapped healing potential and I feel called to help those who need some encouragement working through their own creative challenges. I work as a creativity coach and workshop facilitator.

Before I ran away from Oxford to become self employed, I worked in community arts for many years. I am a qualified aromatherapy masseuse and I have completed Integrative Arts in Health training with Dryw. I have worked with women’s groups since the 1980s and in 2003 I was responsible for North Wales first ever production of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. I also give tarot and medicine readings.

I consider myself very lucky to live in a beautiful rural area close to the North Wales coast. However, as with most wonderful things it comes with a price tag … I have suffered for some time with bouts of anxiety and depression. Not many people want to employ an ageing woman with facial tattoos and what work there is tends to be seasonal. As a consequence I have had to develop my own coping mechanisms, one of which I call Mindful Stitching.
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I currently host ClitorArty Parties to educate and empower within a context of creativity and sharing. While engaged in slow stitching and crafting, we uncover some of the little known facts about women's secret anatomy, sexual health and pleasure. The aim is to encourage awareness of difference as normal, break down taboos and inhibitions, and have a lot of crafty fun during the process.

I believe that if we are open to the extraordinary we are sometimes able to peek through the veil into the beyond and our lives may be enriched by what we discover. While humankind persists in viewing the world as commodity, I seek to redress the balance and to rekindle a sense of humanity, awe and joy. I plan to continue planting seeds of hope by inspiring future generations to work towards protecting, valuing and rescuing our amazing planet from her current environmental crisis. I will always seek a silver lining, even within the deepest cloud cover!
Ysbryd y Mor
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