Our Approach

We believe that experiencing creativity can transform the quality of life for individuals and communities. There is already a body of research evidence that suggests a strong case for the effectiveness of arts interventions in healthcare and general wellbeing. The Arts Council set up a research fund to find out more as they felt that more rigorous research could be done. More about the research can be found here.

Our Aim

To create workshops and wellness retreats  for the public and communities across the U.K that support this message. Wether people are looking for an hour workshop to get away from the bustle of everyday life, tea and a chat or a week long retreat in the tranquil wilderness of North Wales or a city break. In 2020 we will be launching national workshops and retreats. Our events and retreats have creativity and wellness firmly intwined. 

Our Caravan 

The contributors to our events come from all walks of life - with one common theme. Creativity has in some shape or form had a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing. You can learn more about the force behind our workshops and retreats by meeting our core team. Or if you are a creative and would like to join our caravan or get involved please message me. We would love to hear from you.

Yasmin Shaheen


It is my fundamental belief that through creativity we can build communities that have stronger, happier and more resilient emotional wellbeing. With healthier communities, we stand a better chance in eradicating childhood abuse and neglect.  Whilst promoting living in harmony with each other and our planet. I believe through creativity these issues can be addressed.

Michele Heidi Sutton

Lead Creativity Director

As I enter my twilight years as a Creative Crone I’m on a mission to inspire women everywhere to reconnect with their wild soul and intuition through the medium of creativity. While attempting to unravel some of the umbilical threads which connect us to the sacred, I hope to uncover the hidden world which lies just beneath the surface of our everyday lives.