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What's Our Aim?

To connect creativity with emotional wellbeing. Through our events we promote the arts and health working in unison. In harmony  contributing to positive emotional wellbeing. There is compelling and growing evidence that arts and culture can help us keep well, improve our health outcomes and live longer, higher quality lives. We firmly believe this also, and our primary aim to improve wellbeing through creativity.

What Do We Do?

We promote sound mindness and good emotional health by arranging workshops and wellness retreats which focus on getting our clients involved in fun creative activities involving the arts and focusing on their emotional health. We call it creative therapy. From painting to sand play to poetry to timelines to mask making to singing. For us its the creative process of making and doing that holds importance.

Our Caravan - Who We Are

The Lady Garden Fest was founded by Yasmin Shaheen, a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist and wellness coach. Having personally experienced the positive effects the arts had in her own personal emotional wellness journey she set about inspired to develop and promote the role of creativity, culture and art in emotional wellness. Along her travels she has collated a caravan of talented artists who contribute to our events.

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